SKCrane Creative


You can find my personal goods for sale at Kingsland Arts & Crafts Store in Kingsland, Texas

Howdy there šŸ‘‹ Iā€™m Sarah.
Iā€™m a Graphic Designer who also has a sweet tooth for photography, illustration, coordinating art events, all things vintage, and sewing.
Iā€™m based in Texas but can be found floating on a bubble anywhere from here to there.I'm a creative in the truest sense. I love to be challenged and strive to learn every day. Just try guessing what I might dabble in next. Pottery, learning the banjo, quilting, drawing funny cartoons, or customizing matchbooks.Welcome to my little corner of the web.
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Join me in the no social media revolution and send me some snail mail, I promise to write back šŸ’Œ PO BOX 211, Mountain Home, TX 78058

100 year old quilt top restored and finished.
Baby quilt with hand stitching
Felt birthday crown with hand embroidery
Restored quilt top patched and finished